Making a Custom Made Nut

These photos show what is involved in fabricating a custom nut. Nuts can come in a few different materials—plastic, Micarta, Tusq, and bone. Many prefer bone since it wears the best and has a brighter tone. Most high-end guitars have bone nuts and saddles installed from the factory. However, it is a personal preference as many will argue that Tusq is superior. Give me a call and I will gladly discuss the pros and cons with you.2012-03-05 19.01.22 2012-03-05 19.03.42 2012-03-05 19.04.02 2012-03-05 19.04.43 2012-03-05 19.04.53 2012-03-05 19.06.55 2012-03-05 19.08.54 2012-03-05 19.11.47 2012-03-05 19.13.00