“Bill is everything I want in a luthier and more. He’s great at solving problems. I had this inexpensive resonator that I love but couldn’t amplify. He expertly cut perfect holes in the reso plate and installed a telecaster pickup and tone and volume pots. (Take a look at the photos.) Now it works like a dream. On the same guitar, he replaced a problematic saddle by cutting a new one from a wood blank—no problems for over two years now.

His prices are more than fair. He listens. He helps me with what I ask for not what he thinks I need. He’s fast. Every other luthier I’ve ever used says it will take a week, and then it ends up taking six. Bill delivers what he promised when he promised. Bill’s a genius with guitars. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

– John Norland
Bath Tub Mothers


Bill did a fantastic job on both of my Martin guitars. That is why I always have him take care of all my repairs and setups. He is just as fussy as I am and I appreciate it.

– Doug Hodge
Jefferson County Bluegrass Band and past president of Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Society.



Bill has worked on my guitars for years and his attention to detail is second to none. The guitars play like butter and I know they are done right.

– Don Cisewski
Solo performer and guitarist for “The Ritual”



I was so pleased with the setup job Bill Hatfield did on my Eastman mandolin. It had a very dull and lifeless sound when I brought it in for him to work on. When I picked it up from him the sound was fantastic!! He pulled all the highs and lows out of it.

– Mike August
Sessions musician: Guitar, Banjo, Lap steel, Mandolin, Harmonica, Ukulele



I’ve known Bill for some years, and was glad when he decided to open a Lutherie, but I never dreamed he would be so good at it. I had a beautiful Gibson Jumbo hanging on my wall that I’d bought mostly because it was such a looker, but I thought, playing-wise, was a goner. Bill set into it, and in no time at all, transformed it into my favorite guitar to play. I won’t be putting the flowers back into ever again. Presently I have three 1920’s Hawaiian guitars (also goners) in his care, and Bill is always careful to let me know what progress he’s made, and to ask me for input as the project unfolds. I am totally confident that I’ll once again be thrilled. Bring it to Hatfield Guitar and Repair — you’ll never regret it!

Steve Doiel
– The Steve Doiel Trio and The Belcats